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Because Posture affects Productivity


Whether you’re an employer with an office full of staff, or a business owner who works home alone, you already know how poor posture in the workplace can be a pain – both physically and financially.

Work-related aches and pains – such as neck and back pain, sciatica and arm pains, and pins and needles in the arms and legs – can be common problems for office workers who spend all day sitting in front of a computer screen.


What’s surprising is how easy it is to prevent and resolve such problems

Our specialist team can help you recover from these aches and pains with manual therapy, exercises, massage and advice. And we can also help prevent or reduce such problems with our on-site workstation assessments.

NB: If you’re a HR consultant, we can help you to comply with the law and to keep your client’s staff healthy and productive.


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And if you’re an employer or an HR consultant with at least 10 staff, contact us here about our FREE assessment taster sessions.


Computer Work at NightWorkstation Assessments

Our Ergonomic Physiotherapist can visit your home or work office and advise on your workstation set-up. She can identify specific problems that are leading to your symptoms, and change your posture or the work habits that are causing them.

For those suffering from pain brought on by their driving position, we also offer Car Assessments.


Corporate Workstation Assessments

If you are an Office Manager or HR consultant working for a firm of office workers and you would like our Ergonomic Physiotherapist to visit, we can easily arrange this. We have two levels of service:

Detailed Workstation Assessment: for any employee already suffering with work-related aches and pains – we carry out a Detailed Workstation Assessment and provide a written report of our findings and recommendations. Furthermore, we can source any equipment required, such as a footrest or new chair.

Display Screen Assessments: a shorter assessment for employees with no symptoms but who simply need to be shown how to sit at their computer correctly and how to adjust their desk/chair or computer so they are comfortable. This will ensure they avoid the likelihood of developing symptoms. These shorter assessments can be done for several employees at one time and a shorter summary report is provided with recommendations.


Why choose Physio on the River for your Workstation Assessments?

  • As Physiotherapists we have a wealth of background knowledge and expertise which makes us the ideal provider for these assessments.
  • We are already highly competent in assessing your needs and then resolving the problems you face.
  • Should you require treatment for your aches and pains, we can also provide that service seamlessly.
  • By looking at your needs holistically, we can understand any complex health issues you may be facing – aside from work-related symptoms.


To book an appointment or chat to a Physiotherapist, first please call 020 8876 5690 or click here to email your enquiry.

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