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Welcome to our new Running Clinic!

Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or completely new to running we can help you every step of the way.

We have a team of therapists that cover all aspects running performance including:

We have put together a comprehensive service to meet a whole range of needs.

The details of our service:

Treadmill based video analysis of your running gait

If you simply want to have your running gait assessed we can carry out a treadmill based video assessment and run through the findings with you.

This session also includes running specific strength and flexibility screening and some advice on a rehab strategy.

If you need further follow up sessions these can be taken on a stand alone basis. However if you would prefer more of a formal programme of care read on for more information of our packages.

Investment: £110

Your First Marathon Package

Running a marathon can be quite a daunting prospect when you haven’t done one before.

Our First Marathon Package will take you through a pre-marathon screening of all the known risk factors so we can identify areas of potential injury before they develop and help you tackle them in advance.

Based on our assessment of your strength, mobility and running style we can design you a strength, conditioning and flexibility programme to work on your weaker areas alongside your normal running training.

Your First Marathon Package includes:

  • Two one-hour sessions to complete a strength, flexibility and treadmill based biomechanical assessment.
  • A tailor-made strength & conditioning program (addressing any weaknesses identified in the assessment).
  • A personalised program of stretches and mobility exercises.
  • Pertinent advice on how to optimize your basic running style & progress your mileage.
  • 4 x 45 minute sessions over the course of your training program to help keep you on track with your exercises, progress them where necessary and discuss any niggles, or concerns that you have.

Investment: £548

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If you feel you would benefit from this kind of support and help from Physio Dave and the team then call the clinic on 020 8876 5690, email us here or just pop into the clinic and book your first session.

Your Marathon Personal Best Package

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Are you a more experienced runner who’d like to improve your performance and reach a new PB?

If you’ve been trying to hit a new marathon PB but just keep falling short on the day or not making it to the start line, then there’s a good chance that injuries and/or a lack of structure to your training might be holding you back. Running your best race relies on completing all of your key training sessions week after week, as optimal performance is built on consistent and, importantly, ‘smart’ training.

Niggles and injuries can’t always be avoided but there is a lot that can be done to minimise the risk of injury, particularly when most running injuries are attributable to overuse (or in other words ‘training errors’). The PB package will help you ‘train smart’ and learn to recognise when you may be pushing too close to the ‘injury red line’.

The Marathon PB Package Includes:

  • Two one hour and 4 x 45 minute physiotherapy sessions.
  • This will include a treadmill based assessment of your running biomechanics.
  • A thorough assessment of your running & injury history & discussion of your goals & targets.
  • A tailored strength & conditioning programme to address any identified deficits to help you be more injury resilient, as well as looking at areas to improve performance.
  • Guidance on how to spot signs of injury, and how to adapt your training to prevent an injury developing.
  • The package also includes 2 x 60 minute or 4 x 30 minute massages to get your muscles and soft tissues in tip top condition enabling you to train hard and recover well.

Investment: £672

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If you’d like help to reach your Marathon PB Goal, get in touch by ringing 020 8876 5690, email us here or pop in to the clinic in person!

Your Return to Running Package

Sometimes as runners, we get an injury that inhibits our ability to perform, but it can also dent our confidence. Maybe you’ve got a marathon place, but aren’t sure if you’ll be robust enough to make it round? You may even have friends or family who are cautioning you against running, or perhaps you’re concerned about letting down your charity you hope to run for?

If you’ve been frustrated by a recurring injury that has stopped you running then the Return to Running package is aimed at you.

The Return to Running Package Includes:

  • A thorough assessment of your running & injury history & discussion of your goals & targets.
  • An assessment of your current injury & referral for further specialist opinion if required.
  • Treadmill based assessment of your running biomechanics (if you are able to run).
  • Guidance that’s easy to understand and immediate advice on modifying your running style and training schedule.
  • A follow up one-hour session to measure your strength, power and endurance in muscle groups that impact on your running performance and injury.
  • A tailored strength and conditioning programme to address any identified deficits.
  • Two subsequent 45 minute sessions for treatment of your injury and review of your training program. Your training schedule and strength and conditioning programme can be progressed as you improve.
  • Two further half hour sessions which can be used to review your running technique on the treadmill or for massage.

Investment: £494

Next Steps…

If you’d like help to overcome an injury and get your marathon running confidence back, get in touch by ringing 020 8876 5690, email us here or pop in to the clinic in person!