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At Physio on the River our Physios are used to seeing a wide range of sports injuries reflecting the many sporting opportunities in the area. We have close links with many sports physicians in London who we can refer clients to if necessary.

After taking a careful history and carrying out a full examination we discuss with you your goals and put together a treatment plan.

Our treatments commonly include:

  • Manual Therapy for soft tissues and joint mobilisation
  • a programme of tailored rehabilitation exercises
  • our Podiatrist can help sort out problems that may be related to foot posture and biomechanics.
  • our Massage Therapists are excellent at helping with soft tissue tension and pre and post event treatments
  • our new Personal Training service can help keep you fit, healthy and injury free

If you are training for an event we strongly advocate having a Screening Assessment first. As your training progresses the stresses and strains on your body become much tougher and this is when niggles start to appear. By having a Screening Assessment at the start we can identify any areas of weakness – be they stiff joints, tight muscles, weak muscles or just a poor technique – and help you put them right before you sustain an injury.