Coronavirus update – Very sadly, we have had to temporarily close our clinic, but…

After the recent announcement from the Prime Minister on social distancing and asking businesses to close we have taken the decision to close our clinic for all face-to-face appointments unless a dire emergency, until further notice.

Physio appointments at the clinic

We are not doing anymore face-to-face consultations except in extreme circumstances – such as someone suffering a fracture or severe injury where without treatment they would suffer a deterioration in their condition or a very poor outcome. In these cases we will try to visit you at home if not self-isolating for Coronavirus symptoms (yourself or in your family). This is all in line with the Physio First and CSP guidelines. Where at all possible we are doing Zoom online consultations or telephone consultations (from our homes).

Clearly we cannot do any bike fitting or running assessments at the moment either.

Online Physio appointments

We are able to offer online consultation appointments where suitable. So if you have any worries or aches and pains please do get in touch. Even if you are after just some simple advice we are here to help.

There is quite a lot we can do over an internet appointment. We obviously can’t do manipulation and massage but we can correct and progress exercises, give advice and show you alternative techniques you can use at home to self-massage and manipulate. It won’t be quite the same as coming here but you can make quite a difference with the right guidance.

Diana specialises in Workstation assessments. So if you are suffering with work related aches and pains as a result of your new home office set up, she can help resolve your pain and also identify what is causing it.

Home visits

Additionally, if you are well but social distancing, we are happy to visit you at home at our normal clinic prices. As long as we can wash our hands on arrival we are good to go.

Studio classes have gone live!

With a heavy heart, we have decided to halt our in-house classes temporarily and have set up an online alternative. We have set up all 30 weekly classes online using Zoom,  to help you stay fit an healthy during this difficult time. It is easy to participate in these classes so please get in touch if you are interested. We have had fantastic feedback so far!

We would love you to book up for the summer term of classes as usual as, even if we cannot use the studio, we are confident we can make the online classes work. Please show your support if you possibly can so we can continue to survive through these difficult times and still be there for you at the end.

How our online Pilates and Yoga classes will work

Don’t worry if you are not very technologically minded! As long as you have an iPad, smart phone, laptop or computer with a camera and can receive emails you will be good to go!

We can help you every step of the way. All you will need to do is click on a link we send you by email. We can talk you through it over the phone if needed.

We will try and make the experience as close to your usual classes as possible. You will be able to see your teacher and she will be able to see you and correct anything you are doing wrong. We intend to keep the classes the same times as you are used to so nothing much will change. Please watch out for more on classes in the coming days…

I know many of you will fall into the bracket of those that must self isolate for potentially a quite considerable time. It’s more important than ever to stay healthy and fit and to some extent entertained! We are here to support you at home and we hope you can continue to enjoy our classes just as before.

Online personal training

If you are stuck at home, are used to your visits to the gym and are now wondering how you are going to keep fit, you might be interested in online personal training with Richard or Dave. Please give us a call if this interests you.
Keeping healthy and fit at this difficult time

If you have any questions or worries that we can help you with we are just at the end of the phone, so do get in touch.

We hope to see you soon and do stay happy and healthy!

Diana and the team at Physio on the River

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