How Pilates classes are helping back pain sufferers, who spend hours sitting at a desk

Do you suffer from back pain when sitting at your desk? It’s plain miserable isn’t it? No matter how you try to get comfortable, pain relief rarely lasts for long.

Ironically, we now see as many patients suffering back pain caused by inactivity – as we do those who have sustained an injury whilst moving or carrying something.

Because the reality is for many people, their working lives mean many hours sat in a sedentary position at their desk and  computer with little time to exercise. Sound familiar?

How Pilates can help back pain 

Pilates exercise classes are a brilliant antidote to a sedentary working lifestyle. The exercises are designed to take your back through a full range of movement (within your limits of comfort of course!).

Pilates also focuses on the core muscles – deep abdominals and back muscles, diaphragm and pelvic floor. By gaining strength in your core muscles this will help you to improve and sustain a better posture.

Sitting at a desk all day can cause some muscles to become tight – the hamstrings are a perfect example. Tight hamstrings can contribute to back pain. So giving them a good stretch will help maintain better flexibility.

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Are you afraid to exercise in case it makes your back worse?

Clinic studioResearch has shown that a back injury that is not rehabilitated properly often leads to persistent weakness in the deep abdominal and back muscles. These muscles stabilise and protect the back from further injury.

Pilates can help to address that. What is important if you have a back problem is that you exercise in the right way.

At Physio on the River some of our physiotherapy team also teach Pilates – plus we have a team of highly trained Pilates teachers. Our Physiotherapy training gives us a depth of knowledge that allows us to modify and tailor exercises to suit clients with an ongoing problem.

Our Pilates teacher and Physio, Fiona Buchanan, takes Rehab Pilates classes which are specially designed to suit those recovering from an injury or operation such back surgery. Fiona can adapt the exercises to suit the issues of the individuals attending.

What concerns people about Pilates classes when they suffer with back pain?

Private Pilates lessons

Physio on the RiverIf you suffer with back pain and are concerned about exercising, we strongly recommend one-on-one Pilates lessons first. This allows your teacher to carefully assess your problem and lets you get to grips with the muscles that you need to be exercising.

Private Pilates lessons will ensure you get the most from a course of Pilates classes.

Small Pilates classes – maximum 7 people:

A maximum of 7 people in a class ensures there is plenty of close supervision. This is vital because the exercises are subtle and precise and it takes time to learn which muscles you are working.

To Book:

Call 020 8876 5690 or click here to contact us. If you are unsure which class would be right for you speak to Angela, our Class Co-ordinator and she will talk you through the options.

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