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We run our classes in small groups to give you individual attention, never more than 7 people per class.
Pilates classes are £22.00 for a single booking (or free for your first class with your voucher!) and after your initial class you will save 20%, only £17.50 per class when you book a full term of classes.
To book your free class and find out more
Physio on the River
Our Pilates Classes
We run classes for 4 levels of Pilates experience as well as our rehab and osteoporosis classes. We have 6 experienced instructors who teach 22 Pilates classes a week spread over the day and evening, Monday to Saturday, so we are sure you can find the type of class and time that you want - if not, let us know and we will arrange additional classes where we can. 

You can book single classes if there is availability, but most people book for the full term of 15 or 16 classes to get the reduced price and secure their place - that gives you one lesson per week at your chosen time, but feel free to book more than one slot if you want more than one hour of Pilates a week.
Pilates classes in small groups
4 levels of Pilates classes
Some of the classes are at a slightly higher level than the standard as a way to lead you up towards the next level (marked as level 1/2 etc.).

Most classes are one hour long except some level 3/4 classes which are 1 hr 15 mins.
Our current term is the Spring Term and runs from Thursday 2 January to Sunday 5th April 2020 (Half term is Monday 17th to Saturday 22nd February and some of our teachers do not hold classes that week so there are either 12 or 13 weeks of classes in the term - total discounted price £210.00 or £227.50).
If you book a full term of classes now, we will give you a voucher for a free extra class of your choice (worth £22.00) - maybe try a different Pilates class at a similar level, or try Yoga or our Dance, Tone and Stretch classes.
(the free extra class voucher cannot be used as payment for one of your booked term classes)
Requirements and content
Times and teachers
Pilates Level 1
Little or no Pilates experience required - the classes will have lots of direction from the teacher so this level is suitable for complete beginners. 
  • ​The teacher will help you with body awareness and some anatomy of your body so you can understand what you are trying to achieve
  • ​Basic level of exercises taught and attendees will learn how to co-ordinate their breathing with the exercises and the teacher will identify the muscles that they must work 
  • ​Most people stay in a level 1 class for at least one term and some wait for a year or two before moving up
  • ​Most but not all Level 1 Pilates Classes are suitable for pregnant ladies from their second trimester onwards
Scroll down for more information on our Pilates instructors
Monday 11:25 - Victoria
Monday 12:30 - Kamila
Wednesday 09:15 - Fiona
Thursday 09:25 - Kamila
Thursday 19:00 - Jill

And classes at Level 1/2
Thursday 10:25 - Kamila
Friday 10:15 - Nadia
Saturday 11:45 - Maite
Pilates Level 2
Beyond beginner
Level 2 attendees will have have done at least 6 months of Pilates, have a firm grasp of the basic level exercises and be able to co-ordinate their breathing with the exercises. They will have an increased level of self-awareness and be familiar with the fundamentals of Pilates and understand any issues they may have in their body, for example areas of tightness and weakness.
  • ​Level 2 exercises start to build endurance and stamina
  • ​The pace of the class is quicker and there are less detailed instructions given 
  • ​Level 2 is really a basic intermediate level
Thursday 18:00 - Jill
And classes at Level 2/3
Monday 10:20 - Victoria
Wednesday 10:20 - Fiona
Wednesday 18:15 - Jill
Pilates Level 3
By now most attendees have a good knowledge of their body and any issues they have. They will be confident in the basic level exercises and some variations and be familiar with the names of many of the exercises.
  • ​The exercise variations and progressions are stepped up a further level
  • ​Level 3 is regarded as a full intermediate level
Monday 09:15 - Victoria
Tuesday 10:30 - Kamila
Wednesday 19:15 - Jill
Friday 09:15 - Nadia
Saturday 10:30 - Maite
And classes at Level 3/4
Saturday 09:15 - Maite
Pilates Level 4
Attendees will be able to perform the full Classic Matwork Class repertoire of classes. They will be confident and know the exercises by name.
  • ​There is less supervision from the teacher
  • ​Attendees will enjoy the challenge of being stretched in their abilities
Tuesday 09:15 - Kamila
Thursday 20:00 - Jill
Pilates Rehab Level 1
Fiona Buchanan is one of our Physiotherapists who is also trained as a Pilates teacher. She runs Pilates Rehab classes suitable for people who:
  • ​are recovering from injury such as low back pain, neck pain, a broken bone or strains and sprains
  • ​are recovering from surgery such as joint replacement surgery or spinal surgery 
  • ​are looking for a slower paced class 
Wednesday 20:15 - Fiona
Friday 12:20 - Fiona
And class at Level 1/2
Friday 11:20 - Fiona
Pilates for Osteoporosis
​Fiona also runs this exercise programme. The exercises have been modified to be performed in a weight bearing position. Weight bearing exercises help to strengthen the bones and research has shown that weight bearing exercise is important for those suffering from Osteoporosis.
Thursday 11:30 - Fiona
Our Pilates Instructors
We are always careful to select teachers that have taken training that involves many hours of practice before qualification. Some training courses are very short and poorly designed. Over the years we have worked out which training courses for teachers are the best and we make sure we take teachers from those schools of Pilates. Lots of our teachers have been with us for many years and they don’t usually chop and change. Once you join a class you often carry on with all the same people as you progress together through the levels.

Pilates involves using very specific muscles and in a large class in a church hall or gym the teacher simply wouldn’t be able to get round all the attendees and make sure they are doing the correct thing. Our small class numbers mean that the teacher can easily see if you are not quite doing something right and can easily correct you – gently of course!
Pilates instructor Fiona
Fiona is a qualified physiotherapist and also an APPI Certified Pilates Instructor. She runs our clinical Pilates classes as well as some standard classes. In her spare time Fiona enjoys running, swimming, cycling and triathlon. 

Jill teaches Pilates
Originally Jill qualified in Body-Centred Psychotherapy in 1992 and also worked as a nurse for more than 15 years and then in 2002 trained as a Pilates teacher,.Jill also enjoys teaching the more active forms of classical Pilates, as practised in the USA, where she has also done some training.
Kamila became a Pilates instructor in 2010 after using it herself to recover from a skiing injury. She is passionate about teaching Pilates and believes it will change your body and mind. She has also trained in pre- and post-natal Pilates. 

Nadia started training in the fitness industry in the mid 90’s as an Exercise to Music Instructor. After participating in Pilates classes to aid her own chronic neck and shoulder issues. she was hooked and trained in Pilates herself.  Nadia is qualified in the Michael King Pilates Technique to teach all levels and blends traditional Pilates movements with small equipment for strength, mobility and relaxation and a flowing class.
Maite is a Pilates teacher, Movement Educator and Birth Recovery Specialist. Her classes focus on myofascial release work and movement education alongside classical and evolved Pilates. Maite danced and enjoyed a huge range of sports from a young age and she studied biomechanics and natural movement alongside her classical Pilates teacher training. 

Victoria has a background in ballet and Latin dance styles and has been practising Pilates herself for over 20 years, qualifying as an instructor with the Body Control Pilates Association in 2004. Victoria finds the communication with the physiotherapists at Physio on the River is an added advantage to her Pilates teaching.

Choose your level, class time and instructor and give us a call so we can book you in.
Not sure? - Tell us a bit more about your experience and what you want and we can help you decide. 
Angela is our class co-ordinator. She trained and worked as a physiotherapist and has practised yoga and Pilates herself over the years. If you are in any doubt as to which class to attend, have a chat with Angela and she can guide you through our timetable and find the best class to suit your needs.
Booking your Pilates classes
Our studio is situated in The Old Ticket Office right next to Barnes Bridge railway station and we are only a short walk from the local bus stops (routes 209, 419, 609, 969). There is also on-street parking close to the clinic.
Opening hours:
Monday & Wednesday 7am to 9pm
Tuesday 7.30am to 9pm
Thursday 8am to 9pm
Friday 7.30am to 7pm
Saturday 8am to 1pm

Phone:  020 8876 5690
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I will be in touch soon to tell you more about Physio on the River and our Pilates, Yoga and other classes

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Diana Wilson, practice owner
Diana Wilson, Practice Owner
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