Read our top tips for preventing tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a very common complaint at this time of year. It’s more difficult to help once it becomes established and chronic. There are some useful steps that can be taken to reduce your chances of developing it. Read this infographic for our top tips.

We used to think that tennis elbow was a tendinitis – inflammation of the tendon. But we now recognise it as a tendinopathy – a degeneration of the tendon such that it struggles to cope with the loading put through it. Nowadays we treat the condition mainly with specific exercises to strengthen the tendon.

If you are unlucky enough to start experiencing the symptoms of tennis elbow which are typically:

  • pain and tenderness over the outer point of the elbow
  • aggravated by tennis strokes
  • aggravated by lifting a kettle or even a cup if very acute!
  • can be worse with typing
  • felt on gripping things

come and see one of our Sports Physiotherapists who can help you recover and give you tailored advice on prevention.