Barnes pond, Barnes, London

Barnes Pond on the green has long been the community focal point of Barnes Village, known to generations of children as a place to feed the ducks and to people in general as somewhere to spare a moment to sit and watch the world go by. Just how long the pond has been there, nobody knows, although its origins are thought to date back far earlier than the 17th century. In April 2001, locals were surprised to find the pond minus its water and no definitive cause was ever established. The local community together with Richmond Council raised a substantial amount of money that enabled the pond to be repaired and fitted for the first time in its long history with an artificial liner. The total cost of the project was around £150,000 at the time and you can see the report on it produced by Richmond Council here.

Barnes pond with goose and ducks

Geese on Barnes Pond. © Andrew Wilson, Wild London Books, Wild About Barnes

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The pond is part of the Barnes Village Conservation Area (also known as the Barnes Green conservation area). Barnes Fair is held annually on the green on the second Saturday of July.


Barnes pond in the fog

The Pond in the fog. © Andrew Wilson, Wild London Books, Wild About Barnes


Barnes pond in the snow

The Pond in the snow. © Andrew Wilson, Wild London Books, Wild About Barnes

Barnes pond has now been made Dementia friendly, with a smooth, tarmaced path and lots of benches to make it easy to make your way around it.
It also has a new drinking fountain as Barnes is trying to become plastic free -no more bottles of water.

The Pond is only a 6-minute walk from the Physio on the River clinic if you want to take a look while you are visiting us.


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