We offer a wide range of Gift Cards for friends & family. To find out more, please contact our friendly Reception Team by calling 0208 876 5690.

You could gift a therapeutic, ‘Deep Tissue’ massage, a physiotherapy MOT ‘Annual Check’ up, or even help a friend to kick-start a new exercise regime. Vouchers start from just £10 and are presented in a gift bag with card.


  • Sports or Deep Tissue Massage
    These are especially good for marathon runners and all event athletes. Also works wonders for anyone suffering from tension in the neck, shoulders or back (such as desk workers). Or simply as a pick-me-up treat to beat the Winter Blues
  • Our physio-led Annual MOT
    Ideal for anyone about to begin a new sport or working towards a sporting event or even for those in middle to later life who feel they are losing strength and mobility
  • Pilates / Yoga / Exercise Classes
    Encourage a friend to join or re-join an exercise class for the Spring Term. And if they are new to us, their first session will also be free
  • Physio led Personal Training with Dave or Andrea
    We recommend a minimum course of six sessions
  • Nutritional consultation with Sharon
    Its not just for those of us looking to loose a few extra pounds in the New Year. It’s also perfect for anyone with an allergy or food intolerances; or for those sporty teenagers aiming for maximum performance; or even for the elderly wanting to understand how to eat nutritiously
  • Ergonomic Workstation Assessment
    Surprisingly beneficial for those still working from home or anyone experiencing work-related aches & pains. The session with a physiotherapist includes checking that your desk, chair and computer are all correctly set up to minimise stress points and ensure positive working habits

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