Are you stuck waiting for an operation?

Are you, like so many people, currently stuck on an NHS list waiting for an orthopaedic operation (such as a hip or knee replacement). Are you feeling let down and worried? If so, we can give you the support you need to put the time to good use and help to ease any concerns you may have that your joints will deteriorate further before your operation date arrives.

Preparing your mind and body to ensure you are in the optimum state of fitness before you are admitted is key to a faster recover time. We would always prefer to see you before an operation because we know from experience that the chances of a full recovery after surgery are likely to be significantly improved when you are fully prepared and your body is as strong as it can be.

At Physio on the River, we often see clients who have a joint replacement operation on one side of their body, who then then go on to have the other side of their body operated on too. Their recovery time after the second operation is usually faster because they know what to expect and they will have taken the time to improve their fitness levels before going into hospital.

With the guidance of an experienced physio therapist you could be working on strengthening the area to be operated on to improve your flexibility, build up your leg muscles and deep stomach muscles (your core) and prepare yourself mentally.

A member of our team for example could teach you how to use crutches ahead of time, if you’re likely to need them. We can also teach you the exercises that you will need to do post operatively so they are second nature to you before you go into hospital rather than having to learn new habits while in recovery. Pain inhibits muscles from working properly but if you are already trained in the exercises you need, your muscles will respond faster and more efficiently when you need them to.

Having steered many existing clients through a range of ‘standard’ operations, our team has the experience you can rely on to ensure that your rehabilitation will be a smooth one.

So, don’t languish on a waiting list wasting precious time worrying. Call us today and book an initial consultation with a member of our team.

If you’d prefer to chat to a physiotherapist first, we are always happy to discuss whether physio would be an appropriate treatment for you before you commit to an appointment.


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