Wellness Programme

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Wellness Programme, a comprehensive programme of online, rehab classes designed to help our customers get fit and stay fit at a very affordable price!

What do you get for your membership?

The annual membership to our Wellness Programme entitles you to 7 live classes consisting of 2 Pilates, 2 Yoga, 2 Strength and Conditioning and 1 Love to Move online rehab class per week plus unlimited access to over 150 classes on our class archive. Once a class has been shown live, it is uploaded to our archive where you can access it as many times as you like.

How safe are the classes?

The development of these online classes has been led by a fully qualified Physiotherapist, so safety has been considered at every point. Each discipline (Pilates, Yoga, Strength and Conditioning and Love To Move) has a foundation class that we recommend you attend before launching into a beginner level class, so you have all the basics under your belt in preparation. The instructors are all well qualified in their field.

What level are the classes?

The classes are of beginner and intermediate level (with some advanced coming soon!). Most last one hour and little or no equipment is required but we do have kits of equipment for each discipline should you need a mat or want to challenge yourself more with bands and weights.

Will you be adding more classes?

The classes are being added to all the time. New 10-minute upper body and 10-minute lower body stretch classes are coming very soon and Tai Chi is also in the pipeline.

If you already attend one of our live online classes or Physio-led personal training sessions, this programme is a great supplement to keep you going between sessions.

Who are the classes for?

These classes are ideal for:

  • families wishing to exercise together – there is something for everyone! We have special rates for family membership
  • Sports men and women unable to play at present but wishing to keep up their fitness and strength
  • Office workers who have been doing too much sitting through the pandemic and need more movement in their lives
  • those over 40 who, without regular exercise, are in danger of losing 2% of muscle mass per year and need to work to combat this effect
  • new mums trying to regain fitness after childbirth

How much does it cost and how does payment work?

Individual membership

The cost of annual membership is £20 + VAT per month paid by monthly instalments or for a 10% discount if making one payment upfront for the year’s membership. Membership automatically rolls over to the following year unless you cancel your membership a week before the next payment is due.

Family membership

For a family of 4 or more enjoy a 20% discount.

12 monthly payments of £16 + VAT or one upfront payment of £691.20 + VAT

How do I sign up for my membership?

Click here to take you to our online booking page where you can sign up and make your payments.

Further information about your subscription

All content on the platform is in English. Website instructions and videos are in English. Viewing is limited to 3 devices at a time. An internet connection of at least 3 MB/sec for standard definition content and 5 MB/sec for high-definition content is required.

How to cancel your subscription

To cancel your subscription just log in to your connect account and cancel your subscription within one week of the renewal date.

You can cancel your subscription at any time, but you need to do this before the end of any free trial to avoid being charged for the subscription period.

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