How Pilates is helping the over 50’s achieve a strong and flexible body – without sweating it out in the gym!


As we get older we all lose some of our youthful flexibility, strength and posture through the natural ageing process, unless of course we work to maintain it.


Not everyone enjoys sweating it out in the gym. That’s why Pilates is a great alternative for those who prefer something more sedate but just as effective.

How does Pilates work?

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Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that focuses mainly on strength and flexibility of the trunk muscles – your ‘core’. Your deep stomach muscles, back muscles, diaphragm and pelvic floor make up the walls of the cylinder of your trunk which we refer to as the ‘core’.

We call it the core because it provides the firm centre from which our arm and leg muscles can work. These muscles protect our backs and make our movements in sport and everyday life more efficient and effective.

They are also the muscles that by supporting our back give us a good upright posture – something that often deteriorates as we get older when we perhaps become a bit more sedentary.

Why Pilates is good for the over 50’s

The Pilates exercises incorporate stretches for all parts of the body, helping to keep you supple and prevent stiffness.

As we age we generally lose muscle bulk and strength and Pilates is a great way to build strength back up again.

Time is spent working on a good upright posture – strengthening the muscles to achieve that and building awareness of how to hold yourself correctly.

Maturer people often have problems with their joints – like arthritis. Here at Physio on the River some of our Pilates teachers are also Physiotherapists. This means that we have the knowledge to tailor the exercise to take into account any other conditions or weaknesses you may have.

We run three Rehab Pilates classes which are designed for those with a back or neck problem or after someone has had a joint replacement. The pace is slightly slower and the exercises modified where necessary.

Pilates classes near you in Barnes

4At Physio on the River we have a beautiful, light airy Pilates studio at our clinic in Barnes. Many of our clients describe our studio as a welcome relief in comparison to a sweaty gym, or church hall that may be ‘space’ – but has no ambience for comfortable exercise:


A few welcoming facts!

  • We run around 25 weekly Pilates  classes Monday to Sunday, throughout the day and evening
  • Never more than 8 in the class so lots of individual attention
  • Classes are divided into levels of difficulty– so you are always with people of the same standard and always progressing
  • Where capacity allows we offer catch up classes for any classes missed within a term
  • Classes are run in terms like school terms
  • We also offer individual lessons, duets and trios which can be arranged at a time suited to you

To book a Pilates class:

If you are unsure which class to opt for, Angela Ranger, our class co-ordinator, can help you make the right choice. Why not give us a call on 020 8876 5690 or click here to contact us.

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