How Pilates is helping skiers to achieve fitness in just 6 weeks!


Many families will be looking forward to their half term and Easter skiing holidays. But did you know that there are just 7 weeks from now until Easter?!

That’s not much time to get fit for the slopes and cut down your risk of injury.

Here I explain why skiers are choosing a new 6 week Pilates course that we hold at Physio on the River – tailor-made for skiers to get prepared in time.

What does skiing require?

Most of us sit behind a desk all day and then head for the slopes expecting to ski for a week with no preparation. Unfortunately, that is one sure-fire way to find yourself suffering from muscle soreness and stiffness that inevitably can impact on your confidence skiing – you don’t want to get hurt.

The physical demands of skiing require a fit and healthy body and in particular:

Good posture: being able to hold the correct skiing posture for long periods of time.

Body awareness: knowing how your body is positioned is vital especially in a white out.





Good balance: the ability to keep your balance whilst moving down the slope and at the same time avoiding others!

Good core stability: by this I mean strength in the postural muscles around your pelvis, trunk and shoulder blades so your arms and legs can work efficiently around this stable centre.

Muscle strength: we’ve all felt that soreness at the end of day one and the difficulty getting down the stairs the next day. Sound familiar? Good strength in your arms and legs is a must.

Flexibility: if you are a bit stiff and tight you are not going to move freely on the slopes and you’ll risk injuring yourself.

Cardiovascular endurance: you want to be able to enjoy your holiday to the full without flaking out early on the first day!

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How can Pilates help prepare you for these demands?

Pilates is a mind-body technique that aims to increase your kinaesthetic awareness of moving from a central stable core. If you can keep your centre firm then your legs and arms can work efficiently to power you along.

In a nutshell:

  • Pilates strengthens the postural muscles of your body which will help you to maintain the correct skiing posture
  • By making you aware of your posture and where your centre of gravity falls Pilates increases your body awareness when skiing


What happens at the Pilates for skiers class?

The focus will be on stretching all the essential muscles and joints you’ll be using in skiing- including improving ankle flexibility.

What makes this course different is that you get to balance and perform exercises on half foam rollers designed to mimic the balance demands of skiing.

Learning to maintain the correct and most efficient posture will also be covered.

You will learn leg exercises specifically for strengthening your thigh, buttock, calf and upper arm muscles – those that have to work hardest in skiing.

The class will help increase your cardiovascular fitness.

Preparation is so important if you want to enjoy every day of your skiing holiday and limit your risk of injury.


Our 6 weeks Pilates for Skiers course starts Wednesday  February 25th at 8.15pm.

It could make for an appreciative Valentine present for a family member or friend going skiing. And is a great way to meet with other skiers – enjoying some fun but very worthwhile preparation.

Sign up now by calling reception on 020 8876 5690 or click here to contact us.

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