Personal Trainer – focussed training with a physiotherapist

Personal Trainer

A personal trainer can help a lot whether you are recovering from injury or just looking to get fitter and healthier. All of our personal trainers are also fully qualified and practising physiotherapists with a background in Sports Science so their knowledge of the body’s anatomy and musculoskeletal operation is second to none. Far more than a gym-based personal trainer with a fitness qualification, they can assess your requirements and work with you to put together a programme and actually delivery it. This is especially important if you have any sort of niggling injury or area of weakness that is holding you back.

We offer both small group classes and one-to-one training. The sessions are run in our private studio and we have all the necessary equipment. Also, our location right by the River Thames means we can take your training outside if you want.

Our personal trainers have a very wide range of experience as well as sporting interests on their own and, including rehab for runners, golfers and cyclists, experience in general strength & conditioning, circuit training and High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

If you are worried about an injury they will assess that before starting to work with you and take it into consideration when designing your programme – you’ll be in very safe hands with any of our personal trainers!

* Our qualified and experienced personal trainers will work with you on a personalised training programme in our private gym studio

* Highly reviewed personal trainers with top ratings on Facebook and Google Reviews from local people who have trained with them in our Barnes fitness studio

* We have male and female personal trainers who can provide the best personal training programmes for you if you have a preference (see our staff page for more information on qualifications and experience)

* Whether you want to come to our fitness studio for a look around, an assessment or to book a session with a personal trainer, call us on 020 8876 5690 and we can help you make it happen.

Benefits of using a personal trainer

There are a few things that initially put people off working with a personal trainer, like the cost, fear of being pushed to near collapse or finding that you cannot keep up with their programme. This is a shame as there are actually huge benefits from using a personal trainer, especially if they are also a trained physiotherapist. A personal trainer should be able to adapt to suit every personality and fitness type, whether they need aggressive “tough love” motivation or a gentler, more supportive approach. A personal trainer’s goal is to help their clients achieve their own specific fitness goals effectively, efficiently and without injury. Understanding the potential benefits of a personal trainer can help you decide if the financial investment is worthwhile.

Here are some of the benefits of working with a personal trainer (and we are sure you will find many more once you get started):

  • Defining your fitness goals in a measurable way
  • Creating a personalised workout that suits you and the speed you want to achieve your goals at
  • Teaching you proper form for your exercise to get the most benefit and least chance of injury
  • A personal trainer holds you accountable and just knowing they are there will motivate you to succeed
  • Getting the most from your training by ensuring an efficient exercise program
  • Teaching you about your own body and the way it moves and functions most effectively

You can see more about our personal training services here

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