5 ways to improve your cycling

Cycling has never been more popular. You only have to cast a quick glance along the roads and tow paths in Barnes to see how it appeals to adults and children alike.

This month, we give you 5 top tips to improve your cycling and look at the effect cycling can have on your knees. Enjoy reading!

 1. Cadencepedalling cyclist


For fitness and efficiency, keep the pedals turning at about 70-80 revolutions per minute. This may seem harder work at first, but if you do this you will start to use your gears to maintain a good power output consistently.


2. Saddle heightkneeat25annotated


When at the bottom of a revolution of your pedals, your knee should be bent to 20-30 degrees at the knee (with the knee straight being 0 degrees). This allows you to generate power from all muscles of the lower limb.


3. Fluids


In cycling as with all sports, fluid balance can really affect your performance. Ideally take sips of water every 15 minutes or so, increasing this if you are working harder such as when going up hills.


4. Bib shorts2995


They may look like Gok Wan’s biggest nightmare! But bib shorts are well worth the money spent. They provide enhanced support and allow the cushioned lining of cycle shorts to provide maximum comfort for easier riding.




5. Tyre pressure

It may seem illogical, but a higher pressure means less punctures! In London there are countless ways to puncture tyres. A reinforced tyre (around £25 will get you a good one), inflated to the maximum pressure will reduce punctures as well as enhancing the efficiency and feel of your ride.

sourced from www.wheelies.co.uk

sourced from www.wheelies.co.uk


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