Tips on nutrition to maintain fitness and health.

Christmas festivities

7 top nutrition tips to survive the festive season!

Read our top 7 nutrition tips to survive the festive season! Sharon Kallos, our new Nutritionist, gives her best advice on staying healthy during the Christmas and New Year celebrations. Eating well and staying healthy over the festive period can be a challenge. The holidays are often filled with family, friends, great food and drink […]

Getting your nutrition and hydration right on marathon race day

We have invited Jo Scott-Dalgleish, a Registered Nutritional Therapist, to guest blog for us on the subject of nutrition and hydration for marathon race days. Jo is a degree-qualified Nutritional Therapist who specialises in endurance sports such as long distance running, cycling, triathlons, open water swimming events and other endurance sporting challenges. Jo says that […]