Running the London Marathon? Find your winning edge with our help

putting a spring back into your step

Put a Spring into your Step

Physiotherapy can help runners improve their personal best and overcome injury

walking in nature for better mental well being

Helping you through 2020: how Physio On the River is involved in World Mental Health Day

The challenges we face For many people 2020 has been a really challenging year – trying to stay mentally strong and healthy during such an uncertain time can be very tough. I’m sure we all have friends or acquaintances who have lost their jobs or businesses, or who have spent months shielding or furloughed from […]

Striving to be well heeled: part 2

Painful steps forward… Woohoo! At about 6 weeks post injury I had my first full, undisturbed night’s sleep – luxury! Also, I was starting to push the rehabilitation beyond the ‘one size fits all’ protocol I had been given. I should say here – this was only because, as a Physio, I know what is […]

Striving to be ‘well heeled’!

If you have visited the clinic recently you may have seen two of my Physio colleagues on crutches! Not a great advertisement for our profession. As a clinician I think it helps to have gone through an injury or surgery yourself as it gives you a deeper understanding of both the physical and mental challenges […]

Hockey drills

Teenage sports injuries: prevention and management

Overview One of the greatest things about being a teenager is that you can run, jump, bend and reach in the ways we can only wish for as we get much older.  But having such a high performance machine requires high performance maintenance and care. Furthermore, without the necessary care and maintenance, teenagers can be […]

12 top tips for avoiding a skiing injury this Spring!

At Physio on the River we work closely with the Orthopaedic Consultants at Wimbledon Clinics (at Parkside Hospital) who are specialists in managing skiing injuries. They are experienced and keen skiers themselves so understand the sport completely. If you are unlucky enough to get injured this Christmas or Spring we can refer you quickly to […]